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Wedding Doves Great Toronto Area


At Wedding Doves, we offer services of every detail of your event day at very affordable prices. We work hand in hand with your vendors to make your wedding as the most colorful and enjoyable as there can be. We give you the support you need by way of giving you suggestions on how we feel that things should be done.

We help you enhance your special day by releasing doves for you and your guests. Once the doves are released the whole event will have a touch of unique and symbolic meaning that you will never forget. We use properly trained doves that can fly strong and even return back after they are released. Experience a breathtaking moment with our professional team and various equipments.

Whether it is an anniversary, wedding, prom or a romantic date, Wedding Doves can make a whole lot of difference to your day making it an unforgettable one. As more and more people are looking for dove releasing services, we always try to build stronger and friendlier relationships with each and every customer.